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16626 Airport Rd, Caledon East, ON L7C 2W9

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  • We recently went to the Caledon Inn for a wedding supper and were treated to excellent food and impeccable service. The staff was professional and considerate... everything was done perfectly to put the final touches on our special day.
    Thank you Caledon Inn!

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    1. in response to: Robbed by Caledon Inn ... I purchased ...

      Can't believe someone would give a poor review because they failed to look at the expiry of a coupon purchased. As an employee of a different restaurant who participated in a wag jag style coupon, the people who purchase these deals are a different breed of people. They usually only dine because they have a coupon and don't return unless they can eat for half price. They drink ice water and tip bad. So I say good ridance!

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      1. I went to the Caledon Inn for dinner and was satisfied with the service, and food. The food was amazing hot and fresh and delicious. I would defiantly recommend this restaurant to anyone. The pub down stairs is really good I hear.

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        1. in response to: Robbed by Caledon Inn ... I purchased ...

          YOU SNOOZE...... YOU LOOSE!!!!
          Wow..... What a great place! I took my wife to The Caledon Inn for dinner with the Wag Jag coupon. I booked it almost a month ago, and was lucky to get in. The food and service was outstanding!! My wife had the stuffed sole, and I had the meat loaf and we were both very impressed. We will be back! Thank you Chef Jason, Server Hilary, and Owner Deanna who stopped by our table!
          WAG JAGERS......We waited near the reception desk to be seated, and were impressed at the professionalism and patients of the staff. They received a number of phone calls from people trying to get in last minute... (It seems that there are a lot of last minute people around!) The staff was polite and courteous in explaining that they are all booked until the Wag Jag expires (with a large waiting list). They also explained that Wag Jag has been notified of the situation. The staff would tell the caller that they have been instructed by Wag Jag to tell all callers to call Wag Jag, to get a full refund on their purchase. We could actually hear some Wag Jagers yelling on the other end of the phone!?! My wife and I were in shocked at how rude some of you are! Just go get your money back from Wag Jag and act like an adult!
          The Caledon Inn.... Deanna and Staff.... Not your fault that you are getting this rush at the end, and you don’t need to put up with these people! I hope Wag Jag does not refund the rude people’s money.

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          1. Robbed by Caledon Inn...

            I purchased this voucher with the expectation that I could take my wife there for a nice fall dinner. Knowing their were still over two weeks left on the offer I emailed their Operations Manager to book a reservation. I was promptly told that I was too late for the WagJag, and that it was my fault I didn't use it sooner. Unfortunately I travel during the summer months and have no real opportunity to visit that particular establishment. I was shocked and irritated by the demeanor of the restaurant representative. After numerous requests, even asking if I could get take out, I was simply told their was nothing they could do and my money was theirs, and that it was my fault that the thirty dollars was gone. Continually reiterating that I had ample time to make the reservation.

            As a warning to anyone with their wagjag still pending for the Caledon Inn, say goodbye to your $30.00.

            I will never call or consider visiting this establishment again. The money to me was secondary…. I just really did not appreciate the way in which it was dealt with.

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            1. YOU SNOOZE ...... YOU LOOSE !!!! Wow ..... What a great place ! I took ... »more
            2. Can ' t believe someone would give a poor review because they ... »more
          2. I have been going to The Caledon Inn for over 20 years. This time the new owners have it right! The customer service is EXCELLENT! The food was outstanding!! Our last visit.....The Inn was packed while my husband and I were there, so our main course did take about 40-50 minutes. I consider this standard for going out for dinner. I would be a bit taken back if we had got our food in 5 minutes. If I wanted a fast meal, the golden arches are up the road. The building and grounds have not looked this good in years. Even Jason (the Executive Chef) came out to our table and told us a bit more about the Inn, and its challenges (Mainly the small kitchen). I let this young gentleman know what a great job he is doing! I also think it is great how they have focused on fresh food in the Dining Room, and pub/premade food in the pub. It seems to be working all around for them.
            Good Luck and you will be seeing a lot more of my husband and I!!
            On another note, I enjoy reading the online reviews about restaurants. For the most part they are very accurate. I have never posted one myself until now but I feel that The Caledon Inn deservers my first post! However I would also like to say to the person below me, that if you are going to post something you should make sure your facts are correct! I love the burger at The Inn. No, it is not homemade however neither is Kelsey, The Keg, or any other nice place. Their burger is $12.00 (not $14.00) which is also on the cheap side from other nice places. $1.50 for cheese.... standard in a nice place. Where can you go have a great burger, for a great price in a building built in 1835?? There is a rumour that a burger place in Caledon East is opening. Maybe you will get more of what you are looking for there.

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            1. This place has had so many owners and has had such bad food in the past that a lot in the area will not go back. Which is unfortunate, since I gather it is under new ownership again, and perhaps this time, it is good! I decided to try the pub first. Great salad, great service, but the burgers are a complete rip off. They charge an extra $1.50 for cheese on your burger!! But the worse sin is that after paying over $14.00 for a hamburger, I don't think it is too much to ask to have it as a "home made" hamburger. They aren't. They are store bought and taste like it. It is beyond me why a restaurant that is suppose to be "high end" (based on their pricing) would use "extruded hamburger patties". It doe make one wonder what the food in the upstairs dining room would be like....

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              1. What a fantastic Restaurant!! Last nite, after coming from a funeral, I had left my purse at the Church, we were 1/2 way home to Kitchener, when I discovered this.. Back we went to my Cousins home as they had picked up my purse...No-one was there, we waited & waited, and decided to try and get a bite to eat and go back to see if they were home...We came upon the Caledon Inn, a quaint, stately looking place...In we went, only to find that you needed reservations...Told Brian our sad story, and he went totally out of his way to accomodate us!! We dined in fine style, had the Prime Rib special, scrumptious as it was, with a delectable glass of Merlot to compliment the meal..My Son enjoyed it immensley as well as My Mother & Husband...Brian kept coming over to see how we were doing, and have a bit of a chat with us...All in all would definitely come back again as we so enjoyed the home style warm feeling we received...

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                1. We have passed the caledon inn on our way up north many times, always tempted to go in but time never permitted. This time we had the pleasure of stopping by and it was well worth the time we lost. We were greeted right away in the pub, then the server showed us the dining room and patios. We decided to eat in the pub so we could try things from both menus. All the employees were really friendly! The chef came to our table to check on everything and told us he likes to support local farmers so most of his produce is from the area. we could taste the difference that fresh ingredients make! Everything was delicous!!

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                  1. My wife and I dined at the inn for our anniversary. We loved it so much that we had to come back with our friends. The dining room was busy so the food took longer then it did the first time but our server explained that that can happen with larger parties because everything in the kitchen is made fresh. The complimentary pre appetizer that the server brought out combined with the wonderful atmosphere made even the wait enjoyable!

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                    1. We dined at the Caledon Inn this past weekend, and had a fabulous experience.
                      The service and food were fantastic.

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                      1. Our son had his wedding at this inn in August as well as the rehearsal dinner the evening before. We had a wonderful time with excellent service. Deanna was very welcoming and helpful and wanted to meet our needs. Jason did a superb job of preparing the food ....yummy!! We have had many compliments on the day. Our thanks and kudos to the whole staff for their kindness to our families and making the whole day so relaxed and stress free.

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                        1. Words can not express how amazing this past Saturday's visit was.
                          We attended a dear friends wedding, and was just amazed at how well put together the whole day went. Kudo's to the team at the Caledon inn. We will be back, sooner rather then later.

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                          1. Our family recently went to the Caledon Inn for dinner, and we thought it was great, we only visit it a few times a year and have yet to have a complaint.
                            Great place!

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                            1. This place is amazing. We have been coming to the Caledon Inn for many years now.
                              Receintly We were greeted by a nice gentalmen and had some fantastic service. The food was exceptional too.
                              We will be back again and again.

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                              1. Had our Christmas party there this past weekend.
                                Food was exceptional, service was good.

                                Little noisy from downstairs.
                                All in all, was a good visit.
                                We will be back.

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                                1. Paese ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                  2008-11-23 09:12:50 #cute

                                  looks are decieving! Expected alot more from this cute house but was extremely disappointed from start to finish. Sadly will never return

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                                  1. Paese ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                    2008-09-21 04:01:12

                                    hated it, would never return. Extremely poor management. Doesn't know what she is doing

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                                    1. A snug, built into the earth itself, awaits downstairs.

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                                      1. Had a great time.. would go again!

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